Did You Find a Beehive in an Unexpected Place in Your Palmer, Ennis or Waxahachie, TX Home?

Diamond J Pest Control will provide bee removal services in Dallas-Forth Worth and all surrounding areas

You never thought you'd have this problem. Out of all places, a swarm of bees chose your property for their next beehive. Now that you've found bees too close for comfort, how do you deal with it?

Call Diamond J Pest Control, Inc. for help right away. We provide bee removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth and all surrounding areas. We'll remove the hive while preventing stings and avoiding harming the bees. Call 972-449-3100 today to arrange for a bee control service.

We'll relieve you of your bee problem quickly

We'll relieve you of your bee problem quickly

You don’t have to worry about your bee issue any longer. We’ll resolve it quickly through reliable bee removal services.

You can rely on us to:

  • Assess the situation on your residential or commercial property
  • Remove the bees in a way that keeps them from harming themselves or people
  • Relocate the bees away from your property



We’re committed to bee control service that’s both effective and humane. We’ll try to find the bees a new home with a beekeeper or in nature where they belong.